Gerard Sheehan

Serving you in Fingal County Council

As a social care worker, who has worked with the youth, and
children living with special needs, Gerard brings enormous
understanding to the specific needs of families across our community. It was the poor services and lack of solid representation that has pushed Gerard into politics.

Since getting involved as a representative in Dublin 15, Gerard has become more aware of the wider issues that affect families.

A respected and trusted local politician with a proven track record.

Gerard Sheehan – has the track record demonstrating he can represent you & your needs.

Gerard is a qualified Social Care Worker and a Community Activist. He has lived in Ongar for over 15 years where he is married with five children.

He helped set up the NAC Sharks Special Olympics Swimming Club over 10 years ago and has been coaching athletes from the Dublin 15 area ever since.

He helped set up, and is actively involved with, the Ongar Tidy Towns. He is on the Ongar development group and the Ongar Community Fun Day committee and is a director on the Shared Facilities Executive of Ongar Community centre and St. Benedict’s National School.

He and his family are members of the local GAA Club, Erin go Bragh and the Ongar Chasers Basketball Club where Gerard has coached and is currently manager of a team.


  • Sustainable Housing, Cost of Living, Public Amenities
  • Voluntary Groups, Special Education, Youth
  • Environmentally friendly transport initiatives such as the Luas to Dublin 15, Public Transport, Cycleways
  • Increased Community Policing, Neighbourhood Watch Support, Restorative Justice

“It’s about putting
our families 1st.
Then we can build our
communities, together.”
Gerard Sheehan

“It’s about putting our families 1st. Then we can build our communities, together.”
Gerard Sheehan

“Why should you elect me?” asks Sheehan.

Youth & Special Needs

At the moment in the Dublin 15 area, there are insufficient specialised school places for children with special needs. This includes our high functioning and gifted children.
Leaving families without any school places for their children, and in some cases having to get up very early and commute out of Dublin 15 to anywhere that will take their child. Along with my team, I am committed to increasing representation on this very important issue. We must address this without delay. By electing me, you will give me the means I need to advance this cause.

Housing Crisis

It is my belief a home should be a constitutional right for every citizen. Given our links to An Gorta Mór (the Great Famine) in Ireland, and more recently the disgusting homelessness crisis relentlessly fuelled by unbridled greed I believe no Irish citizen should be left without a safe, warm and secure dwelling they can call home. 

Crime & Public Safety

It is vital community policing is maintained and supported by our families and our clubs and schools across our community. Seeking more Gardaí and more funding for community initiatives that take young people off our streets will be a key priority when I am elected.

Hello, my name is Gerard. Let me know how I can help you.

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