Gerard Sheehan

Serving you in Fingal County Council

As a social care worker, who has worked with the youth, and
children living with special needs, Gerard brings enormous
understanding to the specific needs of families across our community. It was the poor services and lack of solid representation that has pushed Gerard into politics.

Since getting involved as a representative in Dublin 15, Gerard has become more aware of the wider issues that affect families.

“I have had the privilege of volunteering within our community for over 10 years.

And your issues genuinely matter to me.”

Your Family Matters

It’s about putting our families first. Then we can build our
community, together.


Gerard believes a home should be a constitutional right for every Irish citizen. Given our links to An Gorta Mór, and more recently the disgusting homelessness crisis he believes no one should be without a safe and secure dwelling they can call home.
Also a buildings inspectorate along with a basic minimum standard should be established to protect people from bad dwellings. 

Cost of Living

As one of Gerard’s priorities he is dedicated to seeking LPT (Local Property Tax) reform to help reduce the cost of living.
As part of our social contract he will be seeking answers as to how these funds are used. He also wants to see free travel extended to students and workers as is happening in other EU countries.


We need to build well resourced and sustainable amenities before we begin building houses. It’s not good enough to build isolated estates that will later become problem ghettos. We all deserve better.

Youth & Special Needs

Gerard has worked with various disability services including Autism services through his work as a Social Care Worker and was inspired to set up a Special Olympics in Dublin 15.

Voluntary Groups

Because Gerard has volunteered and worked in this sector for so long, he will seek to increase supports to our clubs and voluntary groups

Specialised Education

At the moment in the Dublin 15 area, there are insufficient specialised school places for children with special needs. This includes our high functioning and gifted children. Gerard is committed to increasing representation on this issue.


We need to help our clubs to grow to cater for young people to get off the streets and give them an outlet. For this to work, Gerard has found including and involving parents is key.  And making sure the clubs are properly funded as well.


 As a married father of five children who relies as much as you on the transport links in our area, Gerard is committed to delivering improvements to our transport and cycleways.

Luas to Dublin 15

Gerard is committed to fighting to bring the Luas to Dublin 15.

Free Public Transport

As part of our social contract with you the taxpayer, Gerard believes that all students and workers should be able to travel to their places of education and work for free. This is already happening in other EU countries and should be trialled here as well.


Gerard is committed to making it easier and safer for cyclists to get into the city centre in approx 20 minutes along the Royal Canal. This would include Garda CCTV and require regular patrols to ensure cyclists, joggers and walkers safety. As a keen cyclist, Gerard also believes it is key for families and children to be able to access their clubs and schools and places of work easily in Dublin 15 on a bike and away from traffic and over the N3.


As the son and nephew of retired Gardaí, Gerard fully understands the value of Gardaí serving our community and the value of policing by consent. He will be actively seeking additional resources for Dublin 15. 

Increased Community Policing

It is vital community policing is maintained and supported by our families, schools and our clubs across our community. Seeking more Gardaí and more funding for community initiatives that take teenagers off our streets will be a key priority of Gerard’s when elected.

More Neighbourhood Watches

Communities cooperating with An Garda Síochana through the neighbourhood watch scheme is vital to reducing crime. We need to find new and creative ways to promote keeping this initiative alive in all of our neighbourhoods.

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice has proven to be very effective at reducing crime by up to 74% in some cases.
Gerard believes the two most basic ingredients the programme requires are genuine acceptance of guilt by the accused and a willingness to take part by the victim. 

After Major Incidents

Where a major criminal incident has taken place we need to see more checkpoints and better quality and more response vehicles available to our guards in Dublin 15. This is something rank and file have been asking for for a long time. Once elected, I intend to support them in their call.

Hello, my name is Gerard. Let me know how I can help you.

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